Monday, September 21, 2015

Personality in Leadership

There are certain groups of people that cross our paths that leave an impact like no other. For me, on of these groups is the Junior Board of United Community Bank. They have been coming to camp for a one day leadership event for several years now. Yesterday was their annual adventure with us. This group of high school seniors is like no other, they are leaders in their school, on the field and in our community. They are elite, chosen by the United Community Bank to represent them for this school year.
They come here to Camp Jabez for an event I call "Personality in Leadership". They come having completed a personality evaluation but not having received the results. I take them through a number of activities and talk about the way each of the personality types act and react in each situation. It all ties back to learning to lead from their strengths as they understand how God has uniquely wired them. They are an amazing group of young people! The way they are processing and communicating is far beyond their years.
Thank you to Sharon Arnold and Rita Gunter for allowing me the honor of communicating the power of personality to these student leaders!

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